Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review

Here you will learn Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review Black Friday Deals 2019 and also know the latest discount prices of this day.

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Black Friday Deals 2019

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review

Alexa how are you today I’m doing great did you know cats sometimes talk to me when there’s nobody else around so far I’ve learned one word yeah okay so I think maybe she’s kind of lost it but nevertheless today we’re talking about the second generation Amazon echo and comparing it to the first generation alright guys so like I said today we’re going to be looking at this new second-generation Amazon echo and we’re gonna be looking at the six main improvements that Amazon made on the second generation in comparison to the first generation so these are not going to be in any particular order of importance or anything like that just randomly we’re going the first thing I think probably the most noticeable is the size the first generation was just over 9 inches and this new one is just under 6 so you know they almost cut it in half pretty major size difference there the good thing about that is I really feel like it kind of blends into the room a little better it’s not kind of an eyesore doesn’t really stand out maybe ice Wars a bad term because I like the design of the old one I thought it was a good looking device but nevertheless it was kind of noticeable this big black or white tower you had this thing is a lot shorter I think it blends in a lot better and the overall design also I liked better than the first generation so part of the new design that I think adds to this look I’m talking about is these interchangeable covers it has this outside sleeve is interchangeable they slide right on it off just push it up on the bottom pops right off and you can switch it out for a new one they’ve got six interchangeable covers as of right now there’s three that are a fabric or a cloth kind of material they run about $20 apiece and those come in gray charcoal and sandstone then they have three of a harder kind of finish hard plastic finish looks kind of more reminiscent of the old Amazon echo it’s got the holes around the bottom where the speaker grilles are at and that comes in a oak silver and walnut and those are about $30 apiece so a little bit more for those I personally like these new cloth ones I think they kind of soften it up a little bit the other part I like about these is because they have all these different colors you can easily integrate it into your setup custom colors and whatnot and if the thing gets dirty or damaged easy enough slip it off pop on a new one and it looks like a new echo so I think that was a really smart idea another thing they improved is the microphones on this one they have it is now a 7 microphone array around the top and it has what they are calling beamforming technology which supposedly is going to help Alexa hear you hear what you’re saying even if it is in a live environment or this music is playing loud and from what I can tell you it does do a really good job I thought the old one did well but the new one even if the music’s up full blast if you say it’s gonna hear what you’re saying so I do think they did some tweaking on the microphones and they do work better than the first generation now the next improvement is going to be a little controversial because the next improvement is the sound Amazon claims that they were able to shrink this thing and make the sound better they implemented Dolby processing this one which they’re saying allows for crisper clearer vocals and a better dynamic bass response they also change the speaker configuration now they have a separate woofer and tweeter it is a 2.5 inch down firing subwoofer with a 16 millimeter up firing tweeter and with these additions they’re saying overall you’re going to get a much better sound experience out of this speaker even though the smaller size the controversy there is if you look on Amazon currently or you watch some other YouTube videos you’re gonna hear a lot of people really poopoo in the sound on this thing I’ve seen a lot of people leaving really horrible reviews and really negative comments on Amazon about being very unhappy with the sound and saying that they think it sounds worse and Amazon should be ashamed and all this just you know fell in shade but honestly I think it sounds good I think it easily sounds as good or better than a generation 1 and I thought I played several different types of music through it to see if there were some differences and then I thought maybe my ears were even failing me so I had my wife listen to it too and her opinion was the same she said it was probably it was really hard to tell but probably either as good or better than the first generation I know that’s not a scientific test by any means but to my ears and to another person’s ears it sounded better I think some of the confusion might be coming with why I think it sounds better and some of the bad reviews early on yes supposedly they put out an update and the firmware update that they did is supposed to have greatly improved the performance of these speakers so maybe some of those people that had such negative reviews and thought that it sounded so bad they were listening to it prior to this firmware update because I tell you as a time this reviews being filmed these speakers are I think every bit as good as the the first generation if not better now another thing that might you know some of the people I’ve heard people say reviews is they’re comparing it to Sonos and some of these other speakers that are two and $300 speakers you know that’s really a fairly unfair comparison because this is a small form-factor hundred dollar speaker so comparing it to a larger speaker or a speaker that is two to three times as much money I mean it’s kind of an unfair comparison you’re comparing apples don’t wanna just a little bit I think for the size and the form factor of this thing I think it’s great I think if you have multiples around your house I think they sound great for full you know home stereo kind of use we have a couple throughout our house and we love them leading me to the next improvement if you do want a bigger base your sounding speaker they included a 3.5 millimeter jack on the back of the new ones so now if you wanted to use the benefits of the echo and the smart home and being all having all the functionality but you wanted a bigger better sounding speaker you could hook this thing either to a whole home stereo system a much bigger bigger speaker or you can listen to it with headphones via this 3.5 millimeter jack so you do have that flexibility there which I think was a smart addition on that point now last but certainly not least as I kind of mentioned a minute ago is the price the original generation 1 echo ran $180 now this guy they have down to 800 I mean that’s one hell of a discount especially being that they put upgrades in it and drop the price I mean let’s be honest how often do you see something like that in the world of technology where you get a better product for cheaper not usually usually every year when they upgrade the thing the price goes up for a while so really refreshing I think Amazon did a really good job of that some of the other improvements that is not restricted to just the generation to echo because it’s a firmware upgrade and it also benefitted the generation ones if you have a generation one is the multi room listening that’s one of my favorite things or the new stuff they put out before if you had echoes in different rooms you couldn’t listen to the same music on all of them you they would be in there it kind of operated independently for the most part of each other well now you can hook them up to a group and through this multi room listening feature you can say play music everywhere or play music music in this group or that group and whatever speakers are in that group it will play the same music on all the speakers which is great so I have one in my main living area I have one in my office and we put one outside and what that allows me to do is tell it to play Jimi Hendrix Pandora station everywhere and what it’ll do is it’ll play that same station on all the speakers so you basically have like a whole home stereo system which is a really really nice feature one caveat to that and in the stumped me so I figured this is worth mentioning is you can hook these echoes up to a speaker via bluetooth you don’t have to use a 3.5 millimeter jack you can use it via bluetooth however the Bluetooth function only works if you’re using the echo independently however as soon as you go to the multi-room function where it’s using multiple echos and it’s syncing them together it will no longer use the Bluetooth function of an echo to hook to an external Bluetooth speaker you have to connect it via the 3.5 millimeter jack now I thought that was a little weird but again I did a research and from what Amazon says right now there’s just not the capability through multi room use to use the Bluetooth function may be addressed in a future firmware upgrade but for right now if you’re using multi room the only way you can hook up to an external speaker is 3.5 millimeter jack if you want to use it as a standalone not in multi room you can use a Bluetooth speaker now for some mildly negative stuff because we we have to of course mention any negative to run into nothing is perfect they got rid of the scroll wheel on the first generation there was a volume scroll kind of knob at the top which I really liked I thought it was a good way to adjust the volume quickly if you were near the device obviously you could still you know say turn up turn down and audibly and it would do so but if you’re nearby it was really nice to have that wheel just to kind of quickly turn the volume up or down no longer has that now it is a more of a button configuration kind of like they echo dot where you’ve got it up and down button I mean that’s a small nitpick I get it they made it shorter they made it smaller they have these interchangeable sleeves so having that disc at the top would have been a little difficult it’s a minor nitpick but just something I thought I’d mention above and beyond that all the other stuff from this first generation is still packed into this little guy so you know all your smart home stuff you’re being able to teach it skills and it being a personal assistant your calendar ordering stuff on Amazon turning lights on and off in your house all that great stuff still packed into this you got all the same functionality of the second generation but with those additional upgrades we talked about all right guys so that basically wraps up the six main differences between the new generation to echo and the generation one hopefully this was helpful and it helps you make an informed buying decision if you were in the market for one of these guys if there was something about this that I did not cover that you had a question about feel free to ask in the comments below and I will answer to the best of my ability this was helpful for you please smash that like button and share this with your friends if you are not a subscriber please consider doing so we’d love to have you on board and that’s about it for me today guys so I hope everybody is having a fantastic week and we will see you in the next video

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