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In this post, we introduce the best Amazon Books Black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Amazon Books for you in our list.

Amazon Books Black Friday deals

Amazon Books Black Friday deals

what’s happening everybody on YouTube Steve here rake in profit rake in coming back to you guys with another video and I’m pumped up I’m throwing my hands around and in any event I want to answer a question that I received on my YouTube and the question comes from Dino’s collection good to see aminos asking Rick and profit what kind of books are most likely to sell for more education or business so this question was actually on my thrift meetup part one video and during that video actually never mind I think it was part two I shared a couple books that I found I went to a goodwill and I ended up finding a book I literally showed you the exact book I believe it was a business book that was selling for $130 and then I showed another book it was a it was another text book it was a music book themselves for 50 bucks so I I think this guy got excited he’s trying to get into the book business what type of book sell for more educational or business books to be honest all of them do you just have to find the right ones now I know that’s kind of a bad answer but I’m giving you that answer for one reason why because I don’t want you to go out looking for specific types of books like it’s great to be aware of like text books in general like text books are probably the best books to be on the lookout for and in text books are very encompassing it could be business books could be educational which is mostly text books could be accounting biology you know political science history literature books text books in general Vino’s collection is probably the number one thing that you want to be on the lookout for so I can’t say it’s you know educational based or business based or accounting the number one piece of advice I’m gonna give you is go out there and download the Amazon seller app first and foremost guys if you’re looking to sell books don’t sell them on eBay right now if you have a big huge business and you’re selling Gaylords of books and you’re getting thousands and thousands of books into your warehouse every day for pennies on the dollar then yeah you could sell them on eBay I know some successful you guys sell them so you put their books on eBay for like four or five bucks and they make like twenty thirty cents per book and they do high volume and they make it work the average person in a special especially you Vito’s collection I would recommend selling them on Amazon FBA right fulfillment by Amazon so what you’re going to want to do is get your smartphone out go and download the Amazon seller app and essentially what that app is gonna give you the ability to do is scan a books so if I go into my app right now and I’ve been showing this book quite a bit lately which such a freaking amazing book guys I’m actually pulling out my Amazon seller app now and I could scan it and once I scan it you should be able to see that if it’s zooming in I don’t know if it’s gonna maybe that’ll maybe that’ll work but anyways take my word for it it’s going to essentially tell me a couple different pieces of information it’s gonna tell me the rank which is gonna share with me how fast of a seller it is so sales velocity it’s gonna share with me the amount of reviews which is gonna be social proof which you know the more reviews you have the better seller it typically is going to be but that’s not always the case rank is probably one of the best things to look for saying some of the new price the use price how many FBA sellers how many merchants it’s gonna just essentially give me lots and lots of information regarding that book so I don’t want to give you the advice to like look out for specific books because in the end you’re gonna make a lot more money by just scanning all the books or at least picking and choosing like specific text books but in general if I had to give you advice about what to look for things that are weird text books weird educational books like for example how to how to ride horses or something like this I don’t know if this is worth money or not I bought it because I was actually on the keto diet but let me scan this book really quick for you so this is a weird book it’s specific the art and science of low carbohydrate performance now you’re gonna find a lot of books on low carb diet which is normal but when you match two things together for example low carb and then performance that’s interesting now this book isn’t worth a lot of money it’s only worth 1098 FBA so if I was to sell this FBA for a dollar I make like 2 or 3 bucks but it’s only eight bucks new so I probably wouldn’t make that much money never mind but um you know for example this is weird this is an interesting book I would I would scan why because you’re matching two different things up together right for example if you find a book about exercise but for like grandmother’s it’s just different it’s just weird you know today I found a bunch of dungeon and Dragons when some of those player guides their self like 40 50 bucks each now unfortunately they are restricted on Amazon which sucks but that caught my eye doobies that was unique and different a weird thing just things that if you look at the book and you’re just thinking to yourself like what like what like who the heck would want that yes you want to scan that book so you know go out get the Amazon seller out and just start scanning as many books as possible where do you go I would recommend starting with library sales if you have them in your area why dirt-cheap you could get these I mean where I live a couple towns over in South Windsor they have a whole library sale I think it’s every Tuesday and I think it’s like four or five bucks books for a dollar which is like really cheap now luckily there’s not a lot of competition over there because it is a smaller you know book sale but if you get them really if you go to like the really really book the really really big book sales a lot of times there will be a lot of competition so you want to get there early but library sales and in book sales Churchill’s are great because you can get these things really really cheap secondly I would look at thrift stores another great place to find textbooks obviously if it’s garage sale season in your area go to the garage sales most people are not buying and reselling books from garage sales I have I mean I’ve absolutely murdered it at garage sales I mean like five six hundred dollars in profit I remember was I think it was a year was it last year I think it was last year I went to this woman’s garage sale and there was this big cardboard box full of books there were all textbooks now I’ve learned over the years not to get very excited at least try to like not to get my hopes up when I see a bunch of textbooks because the thing with textbooks or they’re outdated quickly so if you find a textbook that’s like three or four years old a lot of times it’s worth like not but I was lucky enough like I looked in this box I’m like wow like these things look really really current you know kind of get the hang of it the more you sell books like what’s a little outdated and older and like what tags and like just what books like the real nice glass ebooks like in good shape a lot of times are like only a year or two old anyway so get the hang of it but this is big botch it must have been 15 or 16 books in there so blacks wasn’t that big but there was a lot of books in there and 15/16 books and I’m talking $80 books $70 book $120 book $40 book $35 for $90 book I’m not exaggerating like I must have made like $700 and it was new it was like new and I’m like okay these books still sitting there like at this time people just don’t mess with books folks are a great item of binos collection to mess with in addition because most people don’t have patience for books I’ve you know I’ve been running this channel for many years I’ve done quite a few meetups I’ve met hundreds of resells in real life most of them just don’t have the patience to sell books so um you know I know this was a long-winded response but go out there get the Amazon seller app learn the FBA process start scanning as many books as you can from library sales from church sales garage sales thrift stores and you’ll get good and you’ll start making money so with that being said guys be sure to LIKE this video comment and subscribe be sure to get our free book down below it’s right it’s right in here get it right now the first link in the description it’s called a hundred amazing items to resell and if you’re kind of curious of like what should I buy what should I sell what will actually make me money instead of like picking up crap that just sits in your death pile get that book it’s free it’s changed thousands of people’s lives and it can definitely help you out big time so that being said guys get the book smash that like button and I’ll see you in the next video peace

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