AcuRite Black Friday 2019

Welcome! to another article here we introduce you the best AcuRite Black Friday 2019 in our top list. It is a very good weather forecaster.

AcuRite black friday 2019

AcuRite Black Friday 2019

okay this is going to be a review and a demonstration of the brand new acurite atlas this is the best home weather station that I could find great for backyard weather indicating and if you’re a beekeeper or you have a garden and you engage in agricultural practices you want to know what the weather’s doing what the rainfall has been if there’s lightning coming if there’s freezing weather this is the unit that’s gonna do it I’ve had several of these through the years and they are fantastic but this is the biggest and best unit that they’ve made so far that’s the rain reservoir there with the little screen to keep leaves and stuff out there’s also the leveling bubble and a light intensity indicator this thing actually reads out what the UV index is pretty amazing little solar panels on the end there this is the part that’s going to face south when it’s on a post the acurite atlas it also has a new display that we’re going to show you – this is the bottom side of it also everything on this unit does not require tools just little clips there even mounting it to the post you have that black handle there on the end righty-tighty lefty-loosey it’ll handle a nice diameter pipe this is the housing for the weather indicator temperature indicator and stuff like that has a built-in fan that keeps it cool that fan is powered by the solar panels on the south end there and this is the rain indicator rain falls into these little things each time it flips back and forth it activates a meter which lets it know how much rain is passing through and then you get a readout also they keep telling you over and over they want to make sure you pull out this little piece of styrofoam that just held that rain teeter-totter thing in place during shipping so nothing happens to it don’t forget to pull it out so the black top just comes off very easy everything is super accessible there’s the clip no screwdriver in the past you had to have a screwdriver for everything this one came with a lightning detector sensor I think these are great and I have a pocket version and it indicates a lightning strike tells you how many miles away it is and keeps count of the strikes until you turn it off so it’s pretty cool tiny module just like this and they made it proof looking a little nub on the top there you can only put it into the receiver one way so you can’t mess it up this thing is really people proof so that’s the bottom again it’s a clip no screws we’re just gonna open that up and there it is battery compartment channel selection at the bottom there and at the top the acurite receiver for that lightning strike detector and also the screws and stuff come in it again you can’t mess this up look at little raised nibs there you can’t miss it you’re gonna line the pins up and there it is installed it’s that easy so we have the battery well here and little switch as I said on the bottom and then the receiver these are the batteries you want to use energizer ultimate lithium batteries period if you live in a cold area like I do I’m in the snow belt it’s gonna get really cold you want these batteries to last a long time because I don’t want to go out there and change them these are the batteries to use here they are installed it’s that easy energizer ultimate lithium batteries then here’s the switch ABC I have three of these units already in operation so this is unit C so I ran the switch down there and it’s good to go this is the diameter for that receiving hole for the post you can run an inch and a half diameter post there so a one-inch post is a little over an inch in diameter if it’s metal you can also use the included plastic mount which is what I’m gonna put this on since I already have it out there on the chicken coop that’s where I’m gonna install this lefty-loosey righty-tighty it’s pretty simple and there it is mounted inside the studio of course but that’s just so you can see what it looks like but very easy to install there’s the bubble level on top you want to make sure it’s level because that affects the rain indicator you also want to make sure that this end here with the solar panels on it faces due south that’s so that your wind indicator is accurate so you want it level and you want this part facing south it’s that simple since I already have the posts in place and I’m pulling off an old one and putting this one on it’s just gonna be a swap out very easy and I’ll show you that at the end this thing is good-looking and it’s big so if you’re trying to make your neighbor jealous this is the unit to put out there and then there’s the wind velocity indicator and the wind direction indicator is that wind direction indicator used to hang on the bottom but now it sticks out the top this thing is big it’s about 15 inches long and then when it comes to the height here it looks like we’re about 18 inches in height from the top of that weather Direction gauge to the bottom of your sensor housing now we’re going to look at the display unit again there’s no screws necessary unless you’re gonna mount it to the wall then you’re gonna have to put some screws there but this is just gonna sit on a shelf so we’re gonna use the included bracket for standing it on the shelf this is the wall mount bracket two screws put it up there the other thing is the old units used to you if you are standing off to the side you couldn’t see that read out very well this new one you can see clearly no matter what angle you’re at it takes an SD card maximum of 32 gigabite so we’re gonna pop in a Lexar professional class 10 32 gigs 400 times speed I don’t know what that 400 times speed means speed of what who knows plenty fast for this unit and that’s so that you can take the card put it on your computer and log your data so that’s it there’s also no batteries on this thing there’s antennae flipped up there all it does is run off that AC adapter I don’t know if there’s some kind of built-in battery but it walks you through the install process very easily install the double-a batteries into the acurite atlas then tells you to place that dark side south which we’ve already gone over and that’s included little posts and comes with it then tighten the mounting knob righty-tighty lefty-loosey now knob must be securely tightened to prevent rotational movement during storms lastly carefully open the rain gauge bucket and removed the rain gage stabilizer material that’s that little styrofoam piece and of course we popped in our lightning indicator which is really cool you want to see it plus you can set it so that it alerts you when there’s lightning in the area means that these are the quick setup steps Eastern zone your daylight savings time yes I want that and we want everything in us here and select your temperature units Fahrenheit course next and then select your wind direction display north south east and west instead of 360 degrees and miles per hour instead of kilometers or knots and rainfall units in inches I want that and then lightning distance units preference I like miles and then you can count them if you want to auto dim yeah I want it to go dim when the room light is low auto cycle for the available screens you want those screens to reset themselves or 15 30 seconds or so on I don’t I just let it continually readout this is the display the display is outstanding you can control the brightness and contrast on your own you also as I already did was set the auto sensor so that when the room is darker this thing automatically goes a little darker it’s in the windowsill and window sill is probably bad because it’s gonna get heat from the outside so the interior readings won’t be accurate and we set it up today November 30th 66 degrees Fahrenheit by the way the sensor is inside and the display unit is inside and it is off by a couple degrees so I don’t know if it’s balancing out or what it’s doing keep in mind we just took this out of the box here’s the whole thing and we’re gonna take that outside unit and we’re going to install it and we’re gonna see what the readings do then wind velocity and direction indicator by the way that wind velocity indicator is the thing that quits first on these units here’s my old one the wind velocity indicator on this thing barely moves unless the wind is really driving like crazy so I’m pulling it off and I’m swapping it with this accurate Atlas edition there’s the post it’s all nice and level I’m just gonna put the new one on it and there it is and now we’re gonna get wind speed indicators and direction and UV and lightning strikes we’re going to know the temperature and the dew point we’re gonna know the history of everything so it’s pretty cool and it’s on top of my chicken coop we need to know if those eggs are freezing we also need to know if we need to feed the bees or if they’re gonna be flying so if you know somebody that keeps bees or keeps chickens or engages in outdoor gardening activity this is a fantastic gift for a beekeeper so there is close-up we’re gonna go back inside and see the display and see if it updated and there we are yep 34 degrees outside the low is 34 and the high 67 which was inside when we were setting this thing up indoor temperatures 64 degrees and 56 percent humidity it’s pretty good it’s gonna record the history of everything even has the light intensity the UV index is the first unit I’ve ever seen that has that readout on it so this thing’s impressive I like it a lot I’m definitely gonna recommend this and that’s why I’m making this YouTube about it it is brand-new from AcuRite i believe it’s made in China and what isn’t these days it seems but the display is fantastic better than all the others the outside unit is much larger than the others and we’ll see how accurate it is but they’ve definitely added a lot of features to it don’t forget to use the correct batteries in these it will affect the readout accuracy as well and we’re just showing some of the details but I think that pretty well covers it I hope you enjoyed this review this unit is excellent I’m going to put a link down in the video description and you can go check them out for yourself but I expect the reviews on these to probably be very high I of course paid full price for it I was not given the unit I was not given it at a discount either so thanks for watching

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