Acer Chromebook 14 Black Friday 2019

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Acer Chromebook 14 black friday 2019

Acer Chromebook 14 Black Friday 2019

hey everybody its lon Saipan we’re checking out a new Chromebook from Acer they always have a new one coming out this is there a sir Chromebook 14 all aluminum a pretty nice design here really nice display and a pretty reasonable price also before we get into the hardware I do want to mention that this came in through the Amazon vine program free of charge however I’ve had no direct communication with Acer or with Amazon nobody is paying for this review all the opinions are about two here are my own and nobody is reviewing this content before it is posted so let’s take a look at the hardware here and then we’ll get into some performance this has a 14 inch IPS display are really nice actually in this one this particular model runs at 1080 so full 1920 by 1080 really gorgeous display on here matte finish as well so you see some of my studio lights reflecting in there but not too bad because it does have that matte finish on there so really nice there quad core intel celeron and 31 60 fanless processor this is a mobile chip that we’ve seen in a lot of other Chromebooks performs pretty nicely as you’ll see in our benchmarks in a few minutes but not as fast as perhaps some of the options you might have available on the 15-inch model of this particular device 4 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage and AC Wi-Fi at 2.4 and 5 gigahertz and the price is 299 so I think it’s pretty reasonably priced given what you have here under the hood the RAM the storage as well as the nice display on here there will be a version of this available with a 720p display too that will get a little bit better battery life they advertised this is 12 hours of battery life but the best I’m seeing with it is about 8 to 10 with the display brightness turned down a bit I think if you really turn the display brightness down you could probably squeeze 12 hours out of it if you’re not pushing it too hard but I just couldn’t find a way to get 12 hours out of this device so your mileage of course will always vary from mine but I’m not seeing the 12 hours they’re advertising on it but pretty nice so overall design with some good ports on it I do like the aluminum casing it does add a little bit of weight it’s 3.4 pounds or 1.5 4 kilograms I was nice to see on here is that the display will go all the way down to the desk so if you have a kid who’s prone to pushing these displays back too far you’ll be safe gear because this does by design go down this far it is not a touchscreen though but you do have some of the features we’ve seen on some of the other Chromebooks lately I did find those you do need to open the lid here with two hands so you do have to hold down the bottom there to get the display lid open but the display does hold itself in place pretty nicely now we’re gonna go through the ports here you’re going to notice one missing in a second here so we’ve got the Kensington lock here for locking it down on a desk two USB 3.0 ports HDMI out on the other side we have a headphone microphone jack a power indicator and a charging light and plus the spot to plug in your AC adapter but I will note that there is no card reader on this one which is surprising because it’s about every Chromebook we’ve looked at lately has them this one doesn’t so you’ll need to get a card reader if you have camera cards that you want to plug in and it’s kind of disappointing too because often times you can use those slots as augmented storage because these generally have limited storage and this one certainly does with only 32 gigabytes available so that was a bit of a disappointment surprised I didn’t put that on their keyboards pretty nice it’s got some nice nicely spaced keys I wish to travel on the keys in the distance to how far they go down before they spring back up isn’t as good as I’d like it to be so I’m feeling like I would like a little bit more of a deeper travel keyboard so that was the only thing I’ve found at fault with the keyboard not bad overall you’ll certainly get used to it but a little bit more travel time would have been nice the trackpad I’m having a little bit of a hard time with it is it’s functional it’s not a bad trackpad but I’m having a hard time with click-and-drag kind of stuff and I also found that precise movements aren’t as easy on here it’s partly due to the surface of the of the trackpad it doesn’t feel as slippery as it should be but I’m also just having a hard time getting fine details on here you can see it’s kind of jumping around as I’m moving the mouse around and again on a Chromebook you’re probably not going to be doing a lot of photo editing or things that require fine movements but the trackpad could be a little bit better all aluminium here so really nicely constructed there are some speakers here on the bottom I’m not a big fan of downward facing speakers because a tenth they tend to sound different depending on what surface they’re on but decent stereo separation and they sound pretty good too the webcam here is pretty nice as well it’s kind of a run-of-the-mill webcam but it does have a little bit of a wider angle for web conferencing and that sort of thing so it’s certainly passable for doing web conferences now we’re going to do is check out its performance we’ll look at some octane tests and play some videos online and see how it does in real world kind of applications let’s take a look at some web browsing first that is what you do on a Chromebook at least until the Android phone chen allottee makes its way over to these devices they just announced by the way that Google Play apps will soon be usable on your Chromebook it may be by the time you’re seeing this video it will already be in place and I’ll be covering this once it happens it’s nice when you have an Intel processor like this one has to be able to do that you’ll notice that took a little bit of time for the page to load up and this is something we see a lot on these low-end processors like this one has this has one of those Intel mobile Braswell processors and they do find with a lot of things like video playback and web browsing but when you do have a lot of ads and other stuff that gets loaded up along with the page it does tend to bog it down a little bit at least on its initial load and that is unfortunately the reason why a lot of people run ad blockers not so much because they don’t want to see ads but the ads slow down their performance so much that it’s not a very good browsing experience but I will do pretty well as a web browsing device and it’s on par with what I’ve seen other brass well powered devices do so not too bad on the web browsing side of things and I think it will do fine for that I would have liked to have seen maybe an option for a slightly faster processor so the 15-inch Chromebook we looked at a few months ago has the option for a faster version of the Celeron chip that is based on their faster notebook processors that is a much much better experience and given that how much I like this case in this design and the screen I would love to see an option for a faster chip on board so maybe they’ll think about doing that in the near future and offer some additional configurations now where it’s going to bog down is when you’re trying to playback 4k video if you turn it down to 1080p it should work fine but if you are you know downloading a 4k file that you want to look at on this particular screen size it is going to bog down on you like you’re seeing here a lot of laggy performance here I also noticed that 1080p 60 video doesn’t run as smoothly as it should either this one’s doing a little bit better than some of the other low-end Chromebooks do but you will have some dropped frames I’m going to skip ahead to some faster motion shots here in this video that I shot with my drone and get a better sense of it but what’ll happen is is that as more motion gets on screen you’ll see some drop frames it’s not as apparent as you’re watching it here but if you pull up the stats for nerds I saw especially in the really high motion areas that it was dropping frames so I’m seeing a few drop frames here there and as this frame in particular this scene in particular really kills it so we lost about 20 frames or so in the course of that playing back and that’s because actually fully because Google is not yet supporting the hardware acceleration that is built into these Intel chips so these the processor in here is fully capable of playing these videos back at a smooth frame rate we see it on the edge browser on Windows with the very same chip but Google this hasn’t yet optimized this this browser for the hardware here and it’s really disappointing this is been going on for months now and it’d be nice to see them actually take advantage of what they have available to them in this computers I think this will be addressed over time but just know that if you watch a lot of 1080p 60 video you won’t get the performance you’d like to see out of this device at the moment due to that software issue but it is correctable and I think it’d be really nice to watch 1080p 60 on this nice big 1080p screen so hopefully they’ll get around to fixing that and on the octane benchmark test we get a score of 8000 186 which puts it pretty much in line with other devices running with the same or similar processor so decent performance for what it has inside there are faster seller runs available so that SRC 740 you see there on the graph will perform a little bit better that’s an 11 inch chromebook also from Acer they have that chip and a few other devices in their product line as well but not in this one so this looks like the only processor option available on this one at this point in time but it’s good for what it is because you get good battery life along with a very big screen and a lot of times screens like this suck down a lot of battery life especially when you pair them up with a faster processors and they’ve kind of made a balancing act here to get the best performance along with the best screen they can and that’s really the standout feature of this a really nice looking 14 inch IPS display on here very reasonably priced for what you’re getting as well this is a very decent Chromebook and Chromebooks are going to get a lot more interesting in the coming months as Android functionality comes over to these devices and I think this will be very well-suited for running those Android apps when they are made available so this will be a very interesting platform we have to update my Chromebook 101 video to cover how Android works on there because it’s a revolution really in the Chromebook world be able to do a lot of interesting things with apps that are already out there for the Android ecosystem now coming to Chrome OS and this will be a very good platform in which to run those will be coming back to this computer when those changes come to Chrome OS so stay tuned and this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lamda TV slash patreon to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit liang TV slash s

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