Acer Aspire E 15 Black Friday 2019

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Acer Aspire E 15 black friday 2019

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Acer Aspire E 15 Black Friday 2019

hello and welcome to tech deals are you looking for an amazing value for the money in a laptop computer do you want great performance and great features for a very reasonable price you’ve come to the right place this is a $600 laptop computer with a quad core 8 thread processor a 15.6 inch 1080p IPS display a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics card solid state boot drive 8 gigabytes of system ram room for expansion did I mention it was only $600 now it’s not perfect and doesn’t do everything we’ll talk about both the pros and the cons in this video but for the money spent this is an incredible value for the money and I’m just gonna tell you right up front this laptop gets two thumbs up for me but in this video I’m gonna be talking about who should buy it who shouldn’t alternatives you might consider what are the genuine honest downsides to this it’s not all Sun and roses but for 600 it is an incredible value proposition linked in the video description below will be several links the first will be to where I bought this machine and so should you if you want this great deal there will also be a link down there to a game performance video with 14 games tested on this showing live gameplay that’s much too long to put in this video it make it way too long so that’s a separate video that’s down there as well there’s also a link to its big brother the $1,000 Acer predator Helios 300 that has more powerful hardware and it cost more money naturally so go check that out if you’re interested so who is this laptop aimed at is it the hardcore gamer is that the professional content creator no it’s not it’s aimed at work use home use school use and casual like gaming use if your primary use of a computer is to browse the web check Facebook watch videos watch movies perhaps play casual games such as Counter Strike global Offensive League of Legends may be up to and including games like overwatch destiny 2 and rainbow succeeds those will all play on this laptop just fine now if you want to do 4k video editing if you want to play Ghost Recon wildlands if you want to do that kind of thing you don’t want this laptop you want the Acer predator Helios 300 I mentioned before but if you want to open Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint if you want to open up some image editors or maybe even do video editing this will actually do it very very well I mentioned at the beginning of the video it has a fork or a thread processor it’s not a super high performance version of that chip but the fact is last year’s version of the Acer Aspire a 15 had a 2 core 4 thread chip the fact that this new eighth generation Intel processor has 4 cores and 8 threads is a huge improvement over the previous years of these laptop so if you have maybe a three or four year old version of the Acer Aspire laptops do consider that you have double the cores and double the threads of those older machines that is a very nice upgrade I mentioned I’d cover the good points in the bad points I have 6 good points and 6 bad points to cover they’re sort of the yin and yang of this laptop number one for core 8 thread processor yes I’ve mentioned that twice before now I’m gonna mention it again this is the U or the low power laptop chip from Intel and this is the first time it’s ever been a quad core chip it’s still a 15 watt CPU it’s not meant for sustained high-end performance but it has excellent burst performance with a turbo of up to 3.4 gigahertz it will sustain about 2.6 gigahertz under full continuous load of all the cores in the threads that’s lower than something like that Acer predator helios which has a 45 watt chip and is faster but for what it is the power consumption in the battery life it’s a really really good CPU and a nice jump over the last year’s model this comes equipped with 8 gigabytes of system ram honestly 8 gigabytes is enough for what most people will use s $600 laptop for Word Excel PowerPoint image editing even 1080p video editing so long as you’re not getting crazy with your doing maybe vacation videos or your kids videos your soccer game or baseball game or maybe dance recital if those things need to be edited this will do it just fine as I mentioned the casual games earlier they’ll all run just fine an 8 gigs of RAM there is room to upgrade to 16 which is nice there is a free memory slot it takes three screws five minutes you can upgrade the RAM if you want to in the future to 16 gigs 256 gigabytes solid state boot drive it is an MDOT to drive it is user accessible and replaceable although you’d have to reinstall windows if you wanted to replace it but Windows is installed on that this thing boots in under ten seconds flat it is really really quick there is room there’s a 2.5 inch drive bay to install an additional drive either a hard drive or an SSD if you want to expand the storage there are no additional MDOT to slot so it’s just a two and a half inch drive for expansion and then of course if you just need room for say personal files there’s also a SD memory card slot in the front unlike most laptops in this price point we have a dedicated gaming graphics card the nvidia geforce MX 150 what is that it’s essentially the mobile version of the GT 1030 why they didn’t just call it the GT 1030 I don’t know but it’s pretty close in performance to that maybe a touch slower but that’s sort of the ballpark performance that it’s at it is not really meant for high performance games but will play a lot of games very well I mentioned before there’s a video down below with 14 games tested live gameplay not benchmarks I show a minute each with the real-time MSI Afterburner numbers so you can see real time usage real time frame rates I’m gonna put the slide up here in just a minute so that you can see the numbers here in case you don’t want to go watch that video but you really should because if you have any interest in games whatsoever the average frame rate the one percent low can be deceptive you might look at them and draw the wrong conclusion go watch the smoothness of the games a couple of them aren’t playable most are so long as you keep two the games on that list or similar ones 15.6 inch diagonally measured 1080p IPS or in-plane switching display it’s the good kind of display with good color reproduction good viewing angles it’s very very nice very good brightness very good contrast it is a 60 Hertz panel and at the $600 price point it’s the best you’re gonna get it’s not the best laptop screen I’ve used I have used and reviewed better but not at the $600 price point it’s very very nice a lot of laptops at this price point actually have TN panels and not all of them are even 1080p they still make the 768 P panel so it’s nice that this is here heat and noise in Windows watching videos on YouTube such as this editing documents PowerPoint image editing not necessary video work but for image work and other type things in Windows this laptop is cool and quiet the bottom the top the keyboard everything is absolutely cool there’s no issues with actually putting this on your lap and using it for hours and hours speaking of hours Acer claims a 12 hour battery life on this yeah no not really can you get half a day can you get 5 or 6 hours out of it yes easily now I test it with the screen brightness turned up to max if you turn the screen brightness down and depending upon what you’re doing yes it will last longer but with the screen turned up not so much gaming a lot less now that’s six things I’ve really liked about this laptop but let’s flip the coin over and talk about things that I don’t like about it things that are maybe you might consider to be negatives that you should know before you put down your hard-earned money on it now let me be clear upfront that it’s easy to nitpick anything at this price point it’s a very good value but it’s not perfect if you spend more you’ll get more and frankly all of the negatives I’m about to talk about are easily fixable with a larger budget if you’re willing to triple your budget to 1,800 you can buy the best of the best with perfect everything but the challenge is how do you get value for the money that being said here are my six things that maybe aren’t the best about this laptop the first thing we need to talk about is the CPU yes I’ve mentioned it several times but it is the most important part of this laptop four cores eight threads that is wonderful but not all four cores and eight thread CPUs are made equal this is a 15 watt chip the Acer predator Helios 300 that I’ve mentioned several times in review previously is a 45 watt chip this when put under full sustained load will not exceed 2.6 gigahertz on all four cores eight threads the Acer predator Helios 300 will do 3.5 sustained under intense workload it’s nearly one gigahertz faster now for many people and many workloads this is all you need but please keep in mind that when you see that turbo speed of 3.4 gigahertz that is not a sustained workload that’s burst performance this is not really meant for intensive gaming or intense video rendering it’s not meant for hard core workloads it’s meant for things like opening webpages and opening documents and just doing bursty workload so the CPU runs at low speed and then just jumps up for brief moments to high-speed for what it is at this price point it’s a great value just don’t think that you’re magically getting a thousand-dollar laptop for 600 and they’re the same because it isn’t in the pros I praise that it came with eight gigs of RAM now I’m going to criticize it for having eight gigs of RAM in 2018 frankly I think all computers should have 16 gigs of RAM we currently have higher priced Ram due to reasons so it’s not going to come with 16 at this price point it is upgradable as I mentioned although with current Ram prices I’d be tempted to wait six months and see if those come down because Ram is currently pretty expensive that being said it takes three to five minutes to upgrade it’s very easy if you want to do multitasking which actually this does pretty well if you want to load up more complicated programs or documents maybe in Excel and PowerPoint you might need to upgrade the RAM depending upon what you’re doing thankfully that’s the easiest upgrade there is next up we have the SSD now I praise the fact that it has an SSD it’s an MDOT – it’s very quick it is not an nvme drive it’s a SATA drive but at the $600 price point who cares for what this machine is gonna be used for an nvme drive would be kind of overkill anyway the bigger issue besides the speed of the SSD which is plenty for this is the size if you want to do more than just install Word Excel PowerPoint and maybe some Adobe programs if you want to do more than install one or two games you’re gonna run out of SSD space pretty quick 256 gigabytes is nice but not that much now I mentioned before you can put an SD card there’s an SD card reader right up front if you just need to store files if you need a place to store documents and videos and images and anything else that you just want to take with you buy an SD card and stick it in it’s cheaper than adding an SSD you can also get little micro USB thumb drives which will just plug into the USB port and use those as extra storage frankly because we have four USB ports as well as the SD card you can put a lot of storage on this without opening up the bottom if you undo the three screws on the bottom there’s very easy access to the two-and-a-half-inch Bay hard drive or SSD not a problem if you want to upgrade it I wish it had more but again at the $600 price point I understand just be aware that’s all you’ve got that brings us to the graphics chip now I praise the fact that it has a dedicated graphics chip in the pro section but now we’re gonna beat it up a little bit I showed you the average frame rate chart earlier now I’m gonna show you the 1% low basically the frame rate it drops to 1% of the time it is play a bowl it is not 60 frames per second smooth across most of these titles oh sure League of Legends and minecraft run beautifully on this laptop they run final and integrated graphics to be blunt but a lot of other games don’t or they’re very uneven in performance it is not meant to be a gaming laptop it will do it in a pinch but certainly not for Triple A games and certainly not for pro gamers if you want 60 to 100 frames per second as a minimum in most of your games most certainly you’re not gonna find it with a $600 laptop that Acer predator Helios 300 is much much faster both on the CPU and the GPU and it’s what you should buy if you’re actually looking for a gaming laptop this is more meant to be a work homeschool laptop that will also game in a pinch but this is less than half the gaming performance in most of these titles then that thousand-dollar laptop and it’s not half the price so it’s up to you as to whether that’s important to you or not just keep in mind this is extreme entry-level when it comes to gaming one other thought regarding the graphics chip of this laptop all of the benchmarks I did were at 1080p inevitably somebody’s going to say what about 900p or 720p that’s a very fair point if you want better performance at the detail settings that I’ve tested you can certainly lower the resolution and many of those will run better it’s not gonna make pub G run better 720p at low detail pub G’s still not going to run properly on this but many of the other games that were just below 60 frames per second will be comfortably above 60 frames at either 900 P or 720p which will run just fine just as a fun note this is not running at 1080p right now all this time I’ve been filming this is running at 720p can you tell the difference at the 15.6 inch screen size I’m willing to bet that when graphics are being displayed not in windows windows you want 1080p but graphics at this screen size 720p actually might be just fine in higher quality details with a smoother framerate in a lower resolution might be better to play with than worrying about whether you’re running at 1080p or not so do keep in mind that 720p and 900p are options let’s talk about this screen for just a second it’s very nice it does the job it’s IPS it’s 1080p it certainly does the job at this price point I’ve used and have much better panels frankly I would call it a very middle-of-the-road average panel there’s nothing special about it the color reproduction the color comment on it the contrast is not special it’s good not great I’ve seen better I’ve seen worse it’s the best I’ve seen at $600 how’s that it’s it does the job for what it is if you want better you can certainly get better you can get gorgeous 4k displays with 99 percent srgb car garment with a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate with touch screens and glossy finishes but again at triple the price at 600 it’s very very nice just don’t expect the moon when it comes to this screen I would call it very adequate that brings us to heat and noise now I said before in the Pro section that when you’re just in Windows watching YouTube videos documents etc this is cool quiet and silent that’s true when you are gaming or doing something that’s using the graphics chip and the CPU intensely it is neither cool nor silent at all in fact even though this is a low-power graphics chip with a low-power CPU this gets hotter and in some respects louder than the Acer predator Helios 300 which is much more powerful but it has much better cooling a much better airflow the top and the bottom of this laptop during extended gaming sessions gets quite warm the CPU gets quite warm and the fan is not at all quiet now this benchmark has been running continuously now for more than an hour you probably can’t hear it because frankly my microphone is pretty directional and this benchmark is not as intense as gaming is because it’s not using the CPU at all it’s just generating a pre-rendered image so it’s using the graphics chip but not the CPU it is however running the graphics chip at 73 degrees Celsius that’s not bad but the CPU in gaming if you watch that video link down below gets into the 90s at times usually it’s in the mid 80s when you’re intensely using it at full throttle but it does get quite warm you would not want to put this laptop on your actual lap for extended gaming sessions for just browsing in Windows it’s fine but gaming you need a hard surface such as this or a laptop pad or a book or something to put it on because it does get quite warm there is a headphone jack and I do recommend that you use headphones if you’re gonna game on this laptop or even just listen to music it does have a built-in speaker and it works and makes sound and that’s about the best thing I can say about the built-in speaker I wouldn’t want to play games on the built-in speaker the screens nice the speakers yeah so headphones or maybe external speakers but given the sound of the internal fan yeah headphones the features on this in terms of ports expansion capability etc are very nice there is a webcam built into the top here so for Skype video conferencing recording yourself or well yeah not really live streaming games but for those features it’s there it does have a backlit keyboard which is really nice a lot of laptops in this price range do not have a backlit keyboard so if you’re typing in the dark no worries it lights up very very nicely there are two video outs there’s both an HDMI and a VGA out many of you may be asking in 2018 why do we have VGA out well the higher end laptops generally don’t have it but a lot of people are gonna buy this for business use in travel use a lot of places still have projectors in office rooms conference rooms etc that have VGA inputs older televisions and hotels and other travel destinations may have a VGA input as well so the fact that it’s got that means you’ve got all the connectivity you need if you’re using this for work and you need to plug into an older device such as a projector which frankly may still have a VGA port there are four USB ports on this laptop three on the left-hand side one on the right-hand side the one on the right is a 2.0 port for a keyboard a mouse or one of those little wireless adapters used for a wireless keyboard and mouse and on the left hand side of the laptop there are two type a USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.1 type-c port so you covered for the future the new type of reversible smaller port is there there’s also that SD card reader that I mentioned that’s in the front right down there and something that’s not on the Acer predator Helios because it’s using the internal space for cooling this has a DVD reader and writer so if you need to watch movies on a plane or perhaps just read or write DVDs or CDs for any reason it does have that built in here on the right hand side finally there is a full-size rj45 Ethernet jack if you want to plug into wired networking rather than using the built-in AC Wi-Fi you can certainly do so and then there’s a Kingston lock as well so if you’re traveling or if you’re at school and you want to lock it up using the built in lock you can certainly do so and keep the honest from stealing your computer so in summary you get a ton of value for the money I really do like this and I understand that a lot of my videos may seem like I’m gushing about products but I still do buy the majority of what I review so I buy stuff that I think is gonna be good for what it costs this is a great machine it’s not perfect it has its flaws but for 600 I think you will not do any better with what’s currently available on the market you can spend more and certainly get a nicer machine but the touchpad is nice the keyboard is as good as it’s going to get at anything close to this price frankly it’s just as good as the thousand dollar laptops the connectivity options on both sides the 1080p IPS screen the fact that it has any kind of dedicated graphics chip at all is nice if this is your budget and this is what you can afford this is about the best that you’re gonna do if you have the extra $400 for the Acer predator Helios 300 buy that instead faster CPU faster graphics chip a nicer machine all the way around runs cooler but if you don’t have a thousand if you’ve got 600 you found your deal liked this video if you liked it share it with your friends if you left it remember to subscribe to my channel with that big huge red button directly below questions and comments down below and please check the links in the video description the link to Amazon where I bought this and so should you if you want this deal is right down there if you want to support me because as I said I did buy this I’d appreciate it links to patreon and PayPal or down there as well supporting those helps me buy more fun stuff like this to review for you I would certainly appreciate it links to the pacer predator Helios are down there as well if you want to check that out and the link to the video with the 14 games tested on this will be down there as well please go check it out benchmark charts which I showed you in here are nice but they’re not the whole story if you really want to see how well the machine really plays you’ve got to check out the live gameplay thanks so much for watching I will see you next time, I hope you will get beenfit from this.

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